Cocoa Libre Vegan Chocolate Bars

Browsing the aisles of my new Holland & Barrett store the other week, I was just killing time while waiting to meet a friend for dinner. I honestly wasn’t looking for anything sweet but as I walked towards the door I couldn’t help but notice these pretty boxes on the shelf. The packaging drew me in and, on closer inspection, they turned out to not just have chocolate inside of them, but vegan chocolate.

Cocoa Libre Chocolate Bars

Of the selection of three that were available from the Cocoa Libre range, I bought two. For research purposes, of course. The Cocoa Libre Rice Milk Chocolate and the Orange Milk Chocolate Bar came with me to the till and later, home with me in my handbag so I could test them out at leisure.

Cocoa Libre Chocolate Bars

Firstly, I just love the packaging. It’s so pretty and instagram-able. The blocks of chocolate inside are just that: blocks. They are thick, chunky and glossy and look beautiful. It was almost a shame to eat them.

Vegan Chocolate

The Milk Chocolate and the Orange Chocolate bars contain rice milk in place of dairy. This adds a creamy taste reminiscent of standard milk chocolate. They are not only suitable for vegans but also for coeliacs, being gluten free. These and the other products from the range, which are designed to appeal to adults and children, were created by a lady called Louise. Louise wanted to create a line of sweet treats for her son who could no longer eat dairy. Combined with her design background, she created a line of aesthetically pleasing products that vegans and non-vegans can enjoy. Lucky for us!

Vegan Chocolate

Both bars were creamy and tasty. At 50g they are substantial enough to satisfy the sweetest tooth. I found my Cocoa Libre bars at Holland & Barrett but they also sell from their own website here.

Have you tried these?



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