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In the past I have used all sorts of cleaning products for the home, without much consideration for the environment. It dawned on me a few years ago that I should be looking for eco friendly products that don’t harm our planet and our animals. Also, products that aren’t harmful to our own health.

I did a little search and it was easy to come across eco friendly products that are also suitable for vegans. This is the Earth Friendly Products Furniture Polish.

eco friendly products

At first glance it’s really different to normal furniture polishes. It’s not an aerosol spray, and looks instead a bit more like a cream inside the translucent bottle. Actually, it sprays out really well with the pump spray. It has a lovely light orangey scent which I really enjoy.

In terms of how it works, it’s great as a furniture polish. It does a great job of cleaning surfaces, and leaves a very light finish which protects against further dust.

It contains water, olive oil, orange oil and emulsifier. The furniture polish is approved by PETA, vegan and not tested on animals. It only costs £3.99 for 500ml from Holland & Barrett

I’m definitely going to pick up more things from Earth Friendly Products. All of their products are not only vegan, but are made from renewable plant extracts, concentrated, and are biodegradable. They use recyclable packaging and are free from petrochemicals, chlorine, ammonia, caustic soda, phosphates, formaldehyde, 1,4 dioxin, GMOs, SLS and dyes. Pretty amazing!

You can find yours at Holland & Barrett.

eco friendly products


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