Flora Freedom Dairy Free Spread

I remember the days when buying a vegan butter, or dairy free spread, in a supermarket was seen as a little eccentric. I’m talking over ten years ago or so. I have been buying dairy free spreads for years even when I was not a vegan, and the choice was always rather limiting. It’s nice, therefore, to see major brands branching out and producing vegan ‘butter’ for us. We now have Flora Freedom Dairy Free Spread. Vegan butter has reached the mainstream.

Flora Freedom Dairy Free Spread

Flora are the latest brand to bring out a certified-vegan spread for those of us who still love to use these type of products.

Flora Freedom Dairy Free Spread

It gets the stamp of approval from a non-vegan, my other half Sean. He says it is ‘better than most Flora products’. Sean is somewhat of a connoisseur of buttery spreads. I rely on his judgement to let me know what’s good and what isn’t. Flora Freedom gets his stamp of approval.

Flora Freedom Dairy Free Spread

As you can see it starts to melt nicely on hot toast. In all, it’s nice to see more options being made available for vegans.This vegan butter alternative is a great leap forward and really is delicious.

Vegan Butter

Where To Find It

Flora’s Dairy Free spread should be available in most major supermarkets, and you can order it online at Tesco. It currently costs £1.80 for 500g.

Have you tried this? 


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