Glamour Grit by Urban Tan: The Perfect Vegan Exfoliator

Glamour Grit by Urban Tan is an oil-free vegan exfoliator that’s pretty much perfect. Although it is oil-free, it actually feels like it has oil in the formula which makes it very hydrating and easy to spread across the skin. Glamour Grit is a salt scrub. The salt grains are big and chunky and it takes very little work for them to buff your skin smooth, with none of the scratchiness or scraping of tougher exfoliating agents. It’s great for before self-tanning, and for evening out a self-tan after it’s been worn for a while.

Glamour Grit by Urban Tan

It smells of White Barbados Grapefruit too so is a perfect early morning pick-me-up in the shower. I love that it comes with a little wooden spatula, which I thought was very cute. However, it’s not necessary to use this and I just scooped the product out with my hands.

Glamour Grit by Urban Tan

The packaging is quite basic but I like how it has a screw top and is a wide enough pot to be able to get a lot of product out using your fingers.

Every time I used this, I was left with super soft skin that was perfectly prepped for fake tanning. Urban Tan specialise in sunless tanning products so they know what they are looking for in a good exfoliator, and this hits the spot.

A vegan exfoliator that works as well as this one is a great find! It just works sooo well. I plan to carry on repurchasing this as it’s so effective. Glamour Grit is of course vegan and cruelty-free, and also free from any nasty parabens and additives. It contains sea kelp and Vitamin E for hydration and to keep the skin smooth and glowing.

Vegan Exfoliator

Where To Find It

At £14.99 for 320g it’s not the cheapest body scrub around but it does work hard and produces great results.

I get mine from Urban Tan on Amazon, as I like to use Prime and get it quickly.

There also seem to be special offers quite often on Urban Tan’s website. You can order directly from them online here.

Urban Tan are tanning experts that have a range of self-tan products. Their products have been the self-tan of choice for programmes like Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing On Ice. Next on my list to try are their self-tanning products.

Have you found any other vegan exfoliators that you love and recommend? 


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