The Grounded Coconut Lip Scrub

Earlier this year I was on the plane to the Canary Islands, and really felt like buying something from the airline trolley. I don’t usually do this anymore, but as I flicked through the pages of the onboard magazine I saw some products from Grounded. I had heard of Grounded before but never tried any of them. On offer was a trio of products; the Coffee Scrub (for body), Face Scrub, and the Lip Scrub. I have to admit it was the first two products I wanted to try more than anything. Ironically, the Lip Scrub ended up being the star of the show.

I might even go on record now and say this is the best lip scrub I have ever used.

lip scrub

It’s true. This stuff is absolutely brilliant.

I’ve used a few different kinds of lip scrubs in the past, from the expensive (Sara Happ) to the super cheap (Primark). This one beats everything hands down.

The ingredients aren’t anything new. It contains coconut oil, jojoba oil, and sugar. It’s similar to a lot of other lip scrubs in terms of ingredients. Somehow it just really is different. Every single time I use this product, I end up with ultra smooth lips.

lip scrub

It doesn’t disintegrate quickly, doesn’t turn into a mush when you rub it in, and just actually scrubs away dead skin. There’s no abrasiveness and it’s not harsh in any way. It just works, and it works really well.

I have the coconut version, but it comes in other flavours too. The coconut one has a lovely fragrance. And you can actually eat it if you want!

The other great thing is that it only costs £4.95 from the Grounded website. You can also buy them at Holland & Barrett stores. They come in a nice little glass jar, and you get 30g of product which is a lot. Especially when you don’t need to use much at all.

I liked the body scrub and the face scrub too (which you can see in the photos as well). I highly, highly recommend you check this company out. The vast majority of their products are vegan (only the lip balms aren’t).



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