Lazy Day Foods’ Vegan Millionaire’s Shortbread

It delights me that the ‘free from’ section in my local Sainsbury’s seems to be ever expanding. As we were browsing the other day I noticed a pack of Millionaire’s Shortbread. I’d not indulged in vegan shortbread since I turned vegan in January this year. I had just figured I would not be able to eat shortbread again for a long time unless I made my own. Thankfully, it turns out I don’t actually need to make my own.

I used to love Millionaire’s Shortbread (also known as a caramel slice) so it seemed rude not to drop a box into my basket and take it home to try out after dinner.

Lazy Day Foods Millionaires Shortbread

Lazy Day Foods Millionaire's Shortbread Review

This product is from Lazy Day Foods and is suitable for both vegans and coeliacs. Not being familiar with Lazy day Foods, I checked out their website here. The creators are a team of two, Dr Sally Beattie and Emer Bustard, and are based in Scotland. They have a growing range of biscuits and cakes, all produced in a bakery with no gluten, wheat, dairy or eggs on site.

Are they nice?

They look pretty, you may be thinking, but how do they taste? Like heaven. They were absolutely delicious. I demolished all 5 in one evening – shamefully not a record for me, and not getting me any closer to that bikini body I want, but I was celebrating finding a vegan dessert so delicious and in such close proximity to me. Thank you Sainsbury’s and Lazy Day Foods.

Lazy Day Foods Millionaire's Shortbread Review

The pack of 5 Millionaire’s Shortbreads costs £2 and it is worth every penny if you ask me. I did not notice the lack of dairy as they tasted so creamy, chocolately and buttery. A perfect vegan treat.

Have you tried these? 


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