Maxx Labs B12 Liquid Complex Sublingual Drops

Vitaming B12 is something that vegans in particular need to pay attention to. A B12 deficiency is something that anyone can experience, whether you are vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater. However, vegans are at particular risk because it is harder to get B12 in a vegan diet. B12 is found in things like meat, fish and dairy, so vegans will need to include it in their diet either from foods fortified with B12 or from a supplement itself.

A good way to supplement is with a very easy sublingual dropper supplement like the Liquid B12 Complex from Maxx Labs. This vegan formulation not only contains B12 but also B2 and B9.


It comes in a smart glass bottle with a dropper system. You place one drop a day under your tongue, hold it there for 15 to 20 seconds before swallowing. Very simple to use. It has a pleasant taste as it’s been sweetened with stevia.


You can also eat B12 fortified foods as part of a balanced diet. These include breads, cereals and some plant milks. Always check that these are fortified before buying.

B12 is essential for keeping the nerves and the red blood cells healthy. A deficiency can show up as fatigue, confusion, lethargy, depression, memory loss, and tingling limbs. The long term consequences of a B12 deficiency can be very serious, so vegans must supplement this in their diets. The Vegan Society has more information on B12.

Where To Find The Maxx Labs Liquid B12 Complex

This product is available to buy from Amazon.  It’s an excellent way to help ensure your B12 levels are kept at a consistent level.

Many people in the world are B12 deficient without realising it, meat eaters and vegans alike, so if you are experiencing any energy loss and fatigue make sure you are including plenty of vitamins in your diet, particularly B12. If symptoms continue, be sure to visit your doctor. Some people have a problem absorbing B12, particularly as they get older.



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