Pristine Dead Sea Mud Mask

For me, face masks are the most pampering and relaxing part of a skincare routine. I love to try out new ones and revisit old favourites. The Dead Sea Mud Mask from Pristine is a new one in my cruelty-free skin care arsenal. It is of course vegan. An added attraction is that this mask is 100% organic.

cruelty free skin careI was immediately impressed by the packaging of the Pristine Dead Sea Mud Mask. It is a large pot with a screw top lid, and the tub itself is a beautifully glossy dark chocolate colour. It’s really pretty and looks rather elegant in the bathroom.

The mask itself is a grey colour much like most mud masks. It’s not very thick, so while it isn’t exactly runny, it has a lot of slip. It’s very easy to spread all over the skin. This is a mask that dries in ten to fifteen minutes, so you should really use a thin layer to ensure it dries properly. I have found that, rather than set to that hard ‘crust’ on the skin that makes it impossible to talk or smile, this mask sets to only a semi-dry consistency with a degree of flexibility, which is much more comfortable.

cruelty free skin care

I have skin that’s on the dryer side of normal. While I would once have only used these kinds of masks when I had exceptionally oily skin, I’ve found that modern day mud masks are not nearly as drying as the ones I remember buying in single use sachets around twenty years ago.

The Pristine Dead Sea Mud Mask has some lovely ingredients. It includes jojoba oil, shea butter and aloe vera juice, alongside mud from the Dead Sea, so it is not drying at all. I found that this did not leave my skin feeling tight in the slightest after washing it off. Instead I just had a healthy glow, and a generally well-rested look. I don’t get blemishes any more (fingers crossed) so can’t vouch for its potency on acne. I can say it’s a lovely treat and feels good to put on and wash off. I’ve used it a few times now and I do notice that it always leaves my skin looking very clean and clear.

Where To Find It

The Pristine Dead Sea Mud Mask is available to buy from Amazon. You get a large pot of the product (250ml) for just under £15. This will last for a very long time so it is a good value cruelty-free skin care buy.

Have you tried anything like this?

cruelty free skin care

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