Sacla Free From Basil Pesto

Pesto is something to be generally avoided when you’re vegan as it usually contains cheese – most often, parmesan. That’s a real shame as I find that pesto is one of the tastiest foods around and I’ve missed how easy it is to make a plain pasta dish taste amazing just by stirring some through. I was so pleased therefore to come across a vegan pesto from Sacla.

Vegan Pesto

Sacla Free From Basil Pesto contains tofu in place of cheese, and it tastes wonderful. You get the bright green basil goodness from a regular pesto with that same tangy taste of regular pesto, and I can’t tell the difference. I’m not sure any non-vegan would notice, to be honest.

Vegan Pesto

We’ve already gone through the jar as we’ve been obsessing over it lately. It’s also lovely on top of homemade bruschetta, topped with onions and tomatoes.

Where To Find It

Vegan Pesto

I found Sacla Free From Basil Pesto in my local Sainsbury’s and have seen it elsewhere so it’s widely available. You can order it directly from Sainsbury’s with your regular grocery order, and it currently costs £2.60 for a 100g jar. You can also order it directly from the Sacla website.

I hope we get more and more versions of traditional foods coming out in the supermarkets. Long-standing brands are realising what a big market there is out there for vegan-friendly foods. Vegan pesto being easily available to buy ready-made is a fantastic step forward.

Have you tried this before? 


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