The Vegan Kind Lifestyle Subscription Box: June 2016

The Vegan Kind is a vegan subscription box which arrives on your doorstep every month. This month’s box from The Vegan Kind was the first one we here at The Vegan Home had received, having only signed up to the service at the end of May. From the first of June I waited rather impatiently for it to arrive as I was so excited. This is actually the first vegan subscription box I have ever signed up for, which I think might be slightly strange in this day and age as subscription boxes are ever-increasingly popular.

The Vegan Kind June Lifestyle Subscription Box

This is the Lifestyle box, which is a monthly box delivered to your door containing between five and eight vegan and cruelty-free products. There is also a quarterly The Vegan Kind beauty box which contains (as you might expect) only vegan beauty products. I signed up to the Lifestyle box for the chance to get a monthly box full of new brands and products so I could try them all out, review them for you here, and hopefully discover some real gems. The first box has not disappointed at all.

The vegan kind review

What’s In The Box

The June box contains some lovely items, including brands I had not heard of. Now having had the chance to try out and devour its contents, I’ll share my thoughts on them here.

Green People Sun Lotion SPF15 100ml (RRP £13.50)
For a 100ml bottle this actually seems very large and substantial, yet at 100ml it is the perfect size to put in your handbag and of course can be taken in hand luggage on to a plane. I got to try this out on the very first day it arrived as we had a day trip planned and it looked like it was going to be sunny. This sunscreen really impressed me. It has a lovely scent and texture, and sank in almost immediately leaving no residue or greasy feeling behind. And it did the job too as I didn’t burn. I really like this.

Hoots Cheese and Onion Multigrain Snack 35g (RRP £0.60)
Wow – these are very cheesy! The taste was initially quite overpowering. But then I haven’t had as much as a whiff of a cheese and onion crisp in several months. But these mini crostini-like snacks are very more-ish and the pack didn’t last long. A great bargain buy if you really miss cheese and onion crisps.

Good Full Stop Chocolate and Orange Bar 35g (RRP £0.85)
This little bar was delicious and satisfying. It’s very sweet. Wholesome and healthy dates, cashews and raisins are the main ingredients. However there is an element of naughtiness to it which really hits the spot if you’re looking to satisfy a sweet tooth craving.

The Vegan Kind Review

GranoVita Vegetable Pâté 125g (RRP £1.75)
This yeast based pâté comes in a little tin. Vegetables, herbs and spices are the only ingredients. You can spread it on toast, mix in to sauces, use as a sandwich filler…you get the picture. We would repurchase this little multi-purpose pâté again if we came across it because it was delicious.

Foods of Athenry Chocolate and Raspberry Cookie 60g (RRP £1.50)
To find out that a nice chunky vegan cookie is in production was very welcome because snacks like this are sometimes hard to find. I had not heard of this brand previously. This cookie was huge, and very tasty.

The Vegan Kind June Lifestyle Subscription Box

Smooze Fruit Ice 345g (RRP £2.75)
A very welcome addition to the subscription box during these warmers months. Made of blended fruit juices and coconut milk, these are little freeze-at-home lollies that are rather cute. They are delicious, very refreshing and low in calories so you can have a guilt-free treat.

The Vegan Kind June Lifestyle Subscription Box

An Added Extra

The subscription box comes with a surprising and fun little twist. A free recipe from a vegan blogger comes printed on glossy card. You will get a free The Vegan Kind ring binder in month six of your subscription, which is rather nice. You can file the recipe in there. Furthermore, The Vegan Kind also donate a portion of each box’s sale to a chosen charity. This month 10p from every box sold goes to Teen VGN’s Vegan Summer Camp, which therefore is a lovely touch.

How To Get Your Box

The most basic subscription package costs £10 per month, plus £3.99 for delivery. This is good value. The products in this box retail for over £20 so you get your money’s worth and more. The box and contents came beautifully packaged and well presented which is a bonus. Hence I’m eagerly awaiting July so I can see what’s coming next. (Want to see what was in my July box? See my post on The Vegan Kind July box).

I love this box so far and am really excited to see what comes up in the future. The Vegan Kind is a fab way to discover and try out new vegan brands and products.


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