This month’s The Vegan Kind lifestyle subscription box came bang on time and this month and did not disappoint. In fact, the contents of the July box were perfectly timed as we were craving sweet treats that day, and the July box was packed with them. The Vegan Kind is a monthly vegan subscription box.

This month’s contents

Here’s what came in this box and what we thought of it:

Angelic Gluten Free Chocolate Coconut & Oat Cake Slices 185g (RRP £2.80)
The only thing I can really say about these is that they were absolutely delicious. They didn’t last longer than a night as we devoured them all. These snacks taste like they should be really naughty! They have no added sugar at all, however, which is amazing.

Goody Good Stuff Cola Breeze Sweets 25g (RRP £0.35)
It’s been ages since I could eat fizzy cola bottles so I gave a little ‘whoop!’ when I saw these. Not too tangy but with enough fizz to satisfy.

Conscious Chocolate Goji and Coconut Mini Bar 15g (RRP £0.80)
Raw and handmade, this little bar was lovely. I wish it had been bigger but then I am a chocoholic.

Virtue Lemon Ice Tea 330ml (RRP £1.75)
Moving on from sweet treats, this large can of ice tea was refreshing. I didn’t expect to see a can of drink in here. It was great timing on a hot day in July, however.

Yushoi Soy and Balsamic Vinegar Snapea Rice Sticks 21g (RRP £0.75)
These were so tasty. They reminded me of some salt and vinegar chipsticks or something similar from my childhood. These are made from green peas and rice – although you would never know! They were just a really delicious snack that I would buy separately.

Oloves Chilli and Garlic Black Olives 30g (RRP £1.00)
Who doesn’t love olives? Mixed with chilli and garlic they are perfection. This little snack size bag ensures you don’t overindulge, even though they are a ‘good fat’, yet you still get a nice amount of olives.

Harpers Bizarre The Raspberry Kind Candle (RRP £5.00)
This was a lovely addition to the box. This little candle smells absolutely gorgeous. The little tin is very sweet, and the scent is extremely raspberry-ish and fruity. You get a leaflet showing you the vast amount of other scents, and the candles are all handmade and of course cruelty-free. I would love to try more of their candles.

Fry’s Family Foods Plants of Fire BBQ Recipe Book
No doubt as a vegan you will have been asked what you actually can eat. This question comes up even more around barbecue season. With this booklet showing off several unique and delicious recipes for a vegan barbecue no one could actually say that a barbecue is meant for meat eaters only. This booklet comes from Frys and contains some inventive recipes that can be thrust in to the hands of anyone questioning the presence of a vegan at a barbecue. Very useful.

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I was pleased again with the contents of this month’s The Vegan Kind lifestyle subscription box so am interested to see what comes next in August. I’m glad I subscribe to this particular subscription box because it’s such fun to get surprise products through the post.

Take at look at last month’s box and see what I got through the post in June.


Get £5 off your first box

You can visit The Vegan Kind’s website and sign up to receive your first box here for £10 plus P&P. Each month you’ll receive five to eight new products, and you also get £5 off your first box when you sign up to their newsletter. There’s also a The Vegan Kind beauty box which you can order too! A gorgeous box of vegan beauty products will arrive on your doorstep each month that you can try out. What could be better?

I think it’s such a great way for vegans to discover new products out there, because you can keep up to date with new product releases.


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